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Gold Winners 2005
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winners May
BV Lindenheuvel (site closed)
BV Lindenheuvel (12/05/2005, upgraded, site closed)   The Netherlands
A site about the noble arts of the billiardsports, with a brief description of the history and different games, terms, rules and the biography of Worlds best billiardplayer Raymond Ceulemans with the titles he obtained. And recently added a page with Jigsaws.

Judge's comments: I have had the opportunity now to visit this site on multiple occasions over the past years. And in this time I have seen it grown and improve. It was like watching a flower grow, where at each passing of the seasons its characteristics blossom more and more (leaves are growing, perfume is developing). I have seen this site in Winter and in Spring... and now I'm very pleased to see it in Summer (at its peak)...

winners August
Witheridge Historical Archive (opens in new window)
Witheridge Historical Archive (12/08/2005)   United Kingdom
Witheridge Historical Archive has been designed both as an archive of the History of our parish and village in Devon, and as an educational resource.

Judge's comments: Since the start of this site, I have kept a close eye on it. The reason for this is very simple: it absolutely fascinates me. It is really unbelievable to see that enormous amount of information on this town and its history. I'm not even afraid to say to use the word "invaluable". You may be damned proud of it, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

winners October
Robin Hood - Bold Outlaw (opens in new window)
Robin Hood - Bold Outlaw (19/10/2005)   Canada
This site explores the Robin Hood legend from the earliest ballads and plays to the latest novels and movies. It includes historical articles, interviews, ballads, reviews and more.

Judge's comments: This website certainly shows the passion and dedication of its creator. Whatever one wants to know about Robin Hood, be it characters, books, ballads or more, it all can be found right here. An award giver, like myself, is always looking for those site that he feels are true pearls on the web, reasons why he started giving awards in the first place... Well, your site is definitely one of those pearls for me.

winners December
The History of Laurel Wreath (opens in new window)
The History of Laurel Wreath (21/12/2005)   Israel
This small website is the only one on the Internet that will take you to the roots of the Laurel Wreath's tradition, starting from the Greek myth and up until its today's casual use.

Judge's comments: Your site is a little spot of perfection on the net. Though the topic isn't much discussed, you make up for that all on yourself, as it is described in a profound and complete way. The navigation is a breeze, the color palette a pleasure for the eye and the design in general is highly esthetic with a keen eye on details like the shape of the photographs. All in all it's an experience I won't forget lightly and you're all the thank for that!

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