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Belgium   Tony Duthoo

Tony DuthooBorn December 1st 1976, in Antwerp, Belgium. Though I haven't studied any web design while in school, I started to learn it myself, and know the enormous work that goes into it... I do not consider myself a great programmer, but I manage what I want to achieve.

I started with this Award program, because I too wanted to show my appreciation for those million webmasters out there.

Yet I went from another perspective as most of my fellow award givers did: The internet still is an informationsquadron-steamroller Highway where thus content is of the utmost essence... As a college graduate, an avid reader and poet by heart, I can appreciate the variety of content there is, and I'd like to award sites that pursue the same goal...

I am the co-founder and evaluator of Belgica Excellence Index (BEI), the owner and rating program manager of UWSAG.
My past evaluations include ONZCDA (Rated AS! 5.0+, UWSAG 6.0 and World's Top Award), Websawards, Big Eye Awards (retired), Olymp Award Index (closed), Saturn Index (closed) and Dee's Dreamworld Awards (closed) and I am a former evaluator for JeM of the Net and GNAE Awards. (Both World Top Awards, but now also closed)

Being part of the evaluation team of multiple award programs had a lot of advantages... As no AP is exactly the same, one always enriches one's personal experience as an evaluator by looking at sites from different angles.

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Articles written:  - The Art of Laudatio                                   Read article: The Art of Laudatio*
                                - Netiquette : a lost cause or worth saving?  Read article: Netiquette, a lost cause or worth saving?*
                                - Ratings as a way to self-improvement.       Read article: Ratings as a way to self-improvement.*
                                - Let there be...Awards!                              Read article: Let there be...Awards!*
                                - Criteria: the good, the bad and the ugly.     Read article: Criteria: the good, the bad and the ugly.*

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Thank you gift from Smokin' Award (site closed)
Friendship award from O.N.Z.C.D.A.™ (opens in new window)
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Friendship award from Timelines Award (opens in new window)

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