Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards


If your site does not comply with any or more of the items below, we will be forced to end the review immediately.

  • As this is a content award, we'd like to qualify at least 50% of your site as "reflective content" as explained in detail in the criteria.

  • To reach the biggest audience, your site is best in English or French or has a full English/French version (no computer translations). I do understand other languages, but these languages can reach more people...

  • A good content site is safe for ALL ages, and thus fully free of any nudity (exception for paintings and sculptures), vulgarity, racism, or hatred of any kind.

  • Non-essential pop-ups (such as advertisement, hello-messages,...) tend to be annoying and ought not to be used. Those imposed by your free server are allowed, as they are not under your control.

  • It is completely understood that a good website is always being updated and worked upon. So the need for "under construction"-signs is obsolete.

  • With all the spell-checkers available today, spelling errors and grammatical errors can be reduced to the utmost minimum. (10 Errors found on the entire site will be considered too many)

  • A considerate site owner will make sure there are no horizontal scroll bars in a 1024x768 screen resolution by coding his/her site correctly.

  • All internal squadron-steamrollerlinks should open in the same window, as they are part of one site. (Extra information provided in small windows can be considered an exception to this.)

  • Mouse trails or comet cursors are very disturbing to the surfer and can have additional negative side-effects (like intrusion of privacy,...). So there's no need for those.

  • Though continuous background music or sounds can be very relaxing, we nevertheless want the option of an off-button.

  • Sites that contain only links and banners, or "about-me" pages and images, are probably very nice, but you'll need more to qualify for an award.

  • Due to possible time-constraints, a visitor should always have the possibility to skip flash intros.

  • A Right-click disabling script does not protect you from stealing and I'm afraid it will result in ending the review of your site.

  • One must be able to have access to all pages all the time. A password should thus never be required to be able to read certain parts of the site. (A password requirement for posting only is allowed if it is clearly indicated or if it's for distinct privacy reasons)

  • Commercial sites are welcome to apply, as long as they fulfill the "reflective content"-rule above.

  • Common sense dictates that if you use something that is not yours, credit is due and should be given. So no need for plagiarism.

  • The images you use need to be stored on your own server, otherwise it is considered bandwidth-stealing.

  • It is a sign of respect that all pages load within a "reasonable amount of time". (Over 1 minute on DSL is too long)

  • A content site that is serious about its purpose and the target audience it wants to reach, will be free of any page transition scripts.

  • Any history of inappropriate conduct towards the owner, this program or its judges cannot be accepted and will result in a lifetime exclusion from this Award Program.

  • Having refused an award in the past, shows a disrespect to the judges' time spent in the review and renders your site also ineligible from future applications. (This does not count for revoked awards, these can re-apply at any given time once the reason for revoking has been resolved.)

  • In order not to disturb the surfing experience, preset downloads of software that can't be closed should not be present, neither should your site cause a lock-up of my computer.

  • Applying for awards, always implies your willingness to proudly display them. An award displaying page should hence be present on your site. (Even if you haven't won any yet...)

  • To be considered for an award, your site should consist of at least 10 pages of original content (this does not include: intro, "about me"-pages, awards won, Award program, affiliates, guest books, MSN groups, message boards and the like...).

  • Unfortunately, we cannot give awards to applicants below 16 years of age.

Still with us? Are you absolutely sure? Then up to the criteria...!

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