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Gold Winners 2007
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winners March
The Game Puppet (opens in new window)
The Game Puppet (08/03/2007, re-awarded)   USA
A safe surf rated gaming, graphics, Civil War, St. Augustine, Gettysburg, Cat site, and Christian site with something for the whole family.

Judge's comments: It does me great pleasure to re-award you with the gold. I admired the site the first time through because of its thorough information about so many items that have always been of interest to me (like the civil war or the presidential pages to name just a few), and it's still so today. Well done!!

winners May
Celebrating Wildflowers (opens in new window)
Celebrating Wildflowers (30/05/2007)   USA
Celebrating Wildflowers is dedicated to the enjoyment of the thousands of wildflowers growing on our national forests and grasslands, and to educating the public about the many values of native plants.

Judge's comments: This site is the perfect ambassador wildflowers could ever hope for as it truly has it all: for us flower admirers, but also teachers and kids. Not only the extensive content is exquisite, the design of the site complements it wonderfully, both in color as well as build-up. And with each visits one can learn something new...An impressive accomplishment for sure.

winners October
Salamanders Young Burn Survivors (opens in new window)
Salamanders Young Burn Survivors (07/11/2007)   United Kingdom
Designed for children and young people, this site gives information on burns and first aid and has links to further information, plus a contact base for burn survivors.

Judge's comments: Mankind often thinks he has conquered the elements. Unfortunately sometimes the elements have an annoying habit to prove them wrong with often devastating effects on human life. Your site shows perfectly all there is to know about fire in a very complete and attractive manner: what it is, how to avoid burns, what treatments there are and by providing deep touching stories of the results of a fire-man encounter. So you've definitely earned my highest award!

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