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Gold Winners 2002
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winners August
Raven's Start Page (site closed)
Raven's Start Page (20/08/2002, site closed)   USA
Welcome to the Raven Homepage, Welcome to where the hand-coded madness begins.

Judge's comments: A very good and well designed site, with a lot of fascinating things: deep thought, funny stories, images, a fridge-magnet story maker, and so many more!! A true must see site...

winners September
Gods, Heros and Myth (opens in new window)
Gods, Heroes and Myth (11/09/2002)   USA
This site is primarily a source for mythologies of various lands also called religion.

Judge's comments: This superb mini-encyclopedic site provides clear and detailed information about mythology in Greek, Roman, Egyptian,... civilizations.

winners October
Tracy's (site closed)
Tracy's (04/10/2002, site closed)   Australia
By finding myself, I found love and acceptance and also the chance to help others like me.

Judge's comments: This site provides a good insight on how a woman trapped inside a man's body, finds a way a to escape that. A very brave site to say the least!

Conceptanalysis, Language and Logic (opens in new window)
Conceptanalysis, Language and Logic (13/10/2002)   Finland
A short review to the history of Conceptanalysis. Three creators of the Modern Conceptanalysis (G.E. Moore, B. Russell and L. Wittgenstein) and one of their successor, G.H. von Wright. Explained are: The structure of a language, the scheme of languages; abstractions and logic; views of history and 2-level theory of the science's language.

Judge's comments: It was a true pleasure and revelation to us to see such an absolutely fascinating topic as Conceptanalysis explained in such a clear and complete way as it is done here.


1876, Victorian England Revisited (opens in new window)
1876, Victorian England Revisited (23/10/2002)   USA
Travel back in time to 1876 Victorian England and experience middle-class life as it was then.

Judge's comments: This site gives a nice and complete overview on what life would have been in that time frame. The site is more than well designed with a nice touch of Flash. Absolutely intriguing!

winners November
Mona-Lisa Larsen (site closed)
Mona-Lisa Larsen (18/11/2002, site closed)   Norway contains my original artwork and writings, with free graphics, backgrounds, wallpapers, brushes, and illustrated poems.

Judge's comments: This exquisite site is extremely well designed: nice matching color, smooth and calming pictures and a very good navigational structure. The poems on the site are true pearls of poetry.

winners December
Wales: Home of the Red Dragon (opens in new window)
Wales: Home of the Red Dragon (15/12/2002)   Wales
Wales: its Castles, medieval history, religious edifices, special places, myths and legends and much much more...

Judge's comments: The site is absolutely beautiful (the red-green contrast is perfect in enhancing the mystery of the Middle-Ages), the navigational structure is flawless... The topics, be it castles or Myths and Legend are explained (and illustrated) in such a fascinating and clear way, that browsing through the site is as browsing through time itself...

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