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Gold Winners 2004
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winners April
Generations (opens in new window)
Generations (08/04/2004)   USA
A collection of poetry from 2 generations: grandmother and granddaughter, this site is a showcase of a family's history as well as their love of poetry. The grandmother's poetry reflects her love of life, of travel, and her marvelous sense of humor, while the granddaughter's poetry tends to showcase the joy she feels of just being alive.

Judge's comments: I was very impressed with the quality of the poetry on this site, it shows of a talent rarely seen. The internet is sometimes loaded with rubbish, but once in a while you'll discover a true gem between the dirt. This surely is one such gem!

winners June
Seacology (opens in new window)
Seacology (27/06/2004)   USA
Seacology is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with the sole and unique purpose of preserving the environments and cultures of islands throughout the globe. Our site includes a list of island projects, current and past newsletters, breaking news and links to published articles regarding Seacology, and a library of photos from our projects around the world.

Judge's comments: It pleases me enormously to still find sites that occupy themselves with ecology in a society that seems to focus itself more and more on industrial progress. Protecting our Earth goes hand in hand with protecting our environment and all living creatures (both human an otherwise). And protecting our islands, the last true strongholds of pure nature and tranquillity, belongs definitely to that protection plan. So this is a site that has my full support!

winners July
Ruth's Haven (opens in new window)
Ruth's Haven (14/07/2004, upgraded)   Australia
This site is a reflection of the creator's most inner thoughts and feelings through the use of poetry and prose... You can also learn a little about Australia's history and about its Flora and Fauna.

Judge's comments: It makes me really proud to see the progress this site made: all the way from bronze to the gold. The author has succeeded in creating the perfect symbiosis between design and content, where beauty and intellectual content have blended together into the perfect site. This is something all strive for, but that only a selected few can really achieve.

winners August
The Ol' Hook & Eye (site closed)
The Ol' Hook & Eye (15/08/2004, site closed)   USA
The Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad was a charming backwoods railroad that ran in the heart of Pennsylvania. The KV was known as "the short line with a long name," and it's no wonder that local residents cooked up their own nicknames - the "Lofty Vanderbilt," the "Hair Line" or the "Ol' Hook & Eye" - reflecting its character and country mystique.

Judge's comments: One can come across sites with excellent content and sites with astonishing designs. But to come across a site where both design and content seem to be made for each other, like the perfect puzzle, so naturally, so full of style is very rare... And the only thing that can be done then is to feel very fortunate to have been allowed to witness it.

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