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Silver Winners 2005
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winners March
Kimmy's Atheist Site (site closed)
Kimmy's Atheist Site (27/03/2005, closed)
This site has the goal of improving the lives of individual atheists through positive thought and shared experience, as well as improving the perception of atheists in our society. It features an advice column, essays, poetry, biographies, book reviews, links, FAQ, and more.

winners April
A Scoff an' Scuff (site closed)
A Scoff an' Scuff (04/04/2005, closed)
This site celebrates the beautiful, remote wilderness of Labrador West. They also included a travelogue of remote areas you may pass on your way here: Northern Quebec, Labrador Central and Newfoundland.

Witheridge - A Gateway to the Two Moors Way (opens in new window)
Witheridge - A Gateway to the Two Moors Way (14/04/2005, confirmed on 18/06/2006)
The Witheridge Village web site has been designed to provide a broad range of both community and historical information pages for the use of residents and visitors alike, as well as serving as a platform to promote our village on the world wide web. We hope that you will find this site of genuine interest, and that it manages to convey a true reflection of the unique location of Witheridge.

winners September
Euromania (link opens in new window)
Euromania (30/09/2005, upgraded)
If you've ever wondered just what the Euro is, who uses it or what one looks like... this is the place to visit. You can view the Euro coins with descriptions and learn what countries are in the European Union that are part of the Eurozone.

Pelaqita Persians (link opens in new window)
Pelaqita Persians (30/09/2005, confirmed on 13/05/2006)
Pelaqita Persians is a CFA & TICA registered cattery. We show, love & breed Persians. Our site is geared towards providing the first time owner with information on early spay/neuter programs, health issues facing the Persian, food recommendations, grooming, supplies, and recommendations for books for further information on Persians, and more.

Zha'vu'Keldi (closed)
Zha'vu'Keldi (30/09/2005, closed)
Zha'vu'Keldi is a presentation of the fantasy world with the same name. Learn about every country, all creatures that lives in the World, - together with how magic works, the forces of nature and much, much more.

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