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Bronze Winners 2005
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winners March
Chinese New Year Customs and Culture (site closed)
Chinese New Year Customs and Culture (14/03/2005, site closed)
Chinese new year customs and culture was created for everybody who wish to know more about chinese customs and culture whole year round.

winners May
Rhianna's Rampage (site closed)
Rhianna's Rampage (18/05/2005, site closed)
Starting as a place to display my art work, Rhianna's Rampage quickly evolved into a site that allows me to spread my conservation message by sharing stories about the wildlife I rescue and rehabilitate.

winners July
Mrs. Henk's READ180 Dragon Den Website (link opens in new window)
Mrs. Henk's READ180 Dragon Den Website (25/07/2005)
This is a web site for teachers, parents, and students involved in the researched-based reading intervention READ180 Program. The web site explains how the READ 180 program works and how students are chosen. The site provides classroom organizers, bulletin boards, forms, ideas, and projects. The site also includes links to favorite reading, writing, and resource web sites for teachers, parents, and students.


Chenoa German Shepherds (link opens in new window)
Chenoa German Shepherds (30/07/2005)
We have been training and competing German Shepherd Dogs since 1989. Our site is geared for the first time dog buyer or someone just looking for information. Site information: GSD health issues, nutrition, care, behavior, training, recommendations for trainers, books, and finding a reputable breeder.

winners September
Hugs R Us (site closed)
Hugs R Us (14/09/2005, site closed)
Website all about mental health.

winners November
Luuk's Travel Site (link opens in new window)
Luuk's Travel Site (19/11/2005)
Travel tips to exotic destinations around the world from my own experience, whales and dolphins and a homepage tutorial for beginners.

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