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October : 2

winners October (opens in new window) (28/10/2006)   Canada
The purpose of this site is to help employees and employers to overcome the needless suffering and tremendous costs associated with an insidious form of workplace abuse called 'mobbing'.

Judge's comments: The phenomenon of mobbing is a very sneaky, but unfortunately a very real plague in current (but also past) societies... an echo of Darwin's "Struggle of the fittest", so to say... Only by informing the public, workers and employers alike, like you do in this very complete and excellent site, and by thorough action of all parties involved can this act of barbarism hopefully be stopped. Sites like yours make me proud to know that there will always be people to fight to good fight... Well done!

War of Wits Publishing Ltd (opens in new window)
War of Wits Publishing Ltd (30/10/2006)   USA
War of Wits Publishing, Ltd. offers the most authentic fiction and nonfiction books, on spies, spying, espionage and CIA covert operations; information on authors Grayston L. Lynch and Karen A. Lynch, the Bay of Pigs invasion, writing and Andalusian horses.

Judge's comments: I was highly impressed when I visited this site of yours... Navigation is spotless and the design is absolutely fitting for this site, like the perfect gloves, that you just know you'll only find one pair of them ever. The pages "on writing" are an enormous stimulus to all authors-to-be, and are presented, just like your books in a very attractive and accessible writing style that really gets you hooked from the start on. A really superb job!

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