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Gold Winners 2011
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winners January
Casey's Celtic Charm (opens in new window)
Casey's Celtic Charm (02/02/2011, upgraded)   Canada
A family-friendly educational site dedicated to the wire-fox terrier breed. We provide informative, detailed and personal experiences with our wire-fox terriers. With a focus on Casey's life story in the hopes that it will inform those interested in this amazing breed.

Judge's comments: It has been quite some years since I last reviewed this site, and I must admit that the passing of the years were very kind for it. I absolutely love the color scheme and the flawless navigation, but also the abundance of info on the wire-haired fox terrier is truly amazing… not only the basics as breed info and care, but also the interpersonal relationship with all its joys and hardships, that comes automatically with having a pet, makes this site a real must visit for all visitors alike...

winners August
Vanya Melda (opens in new window)
Vanya Melda (13/08/2011, upgraded)   USA
My site is an enchanted place; a place where one can sit back with a cup of tea and relax. It is peaceful and beautiful and encourages one to linger. The thoughts expressed are heartfelt and lovely. Not only can one learn and linger but also be rejuvenated.

Judge's comments: It remains an infinite pleasure to visit this site again and read all the wonderful stories and poems, just as it has been on my first visit. This site is truly an oasis of serenity and reflection in an otherwise busy normal day. Well done!

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