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LivingManicDepressive - a bipolar disorder and depression website (opens in new window)
LivingManicDepressive - a bipolar disorder and depression website (24/05/2009)   Trinidad & Tobago
Providing practical information on how to cope with the nitty gritty day to day details of being bipolar that the doctors don't quite mention. Also contains a bipolar diary that spans 5 years and contains the thoughts and ideas on what it really feels like to have mood swings.

Judge's comments: There is nothing more exciting than to come across a well-documented health site. Because such sites benefit everyone they come in contact with by informing them in a clear and thorough way of all aspects of a disease or condition, just like you do. And when it's done with all one's heart put into it, it makes it double special...I am very grateful for having been allowed to visit and pleased to give you hence my gold award.

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