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Bronze Winners 2004
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winners March
Hong Kong Flora and Vegetation (link opens in new window)
Hong Kong Flora and Vegetation (02/03/2004)
An education site to facilitate identifying and learning about plants in Hong Kong, with lots of photos and concise information.

winners April
Kazakh Adoptive Families (link opens in new window)
Kazakh Adoptive Families (15/04/2004, upgraded)
Information about Kazakhstan and international adoption. The site is geared toward adoptive families, helping them through the process and educating them about their child's birth country. Unique sections on Kazakh names and language.

winners June
It's Wishcraft! (link opens in new window)
It's Wishcraft! (25/06/2004)
A little bit of the author's world...: info on cats, horses and Australia.

winners July
Marseille Prospective Lions Club (link opens in new window)
Marseille Prospective Lions Club (08/01/2004, upgraded, confirmed 25/07/05)
This serving club in the South of France explains its history, goals and social projects.
winners October
Weight Loss, Dieting & Obesity (link opens in new window)
Weight Loss, Dieting & Obesity (27/10/2004)
Multidisciplinary educational resource evaluating the pros and the cons of a wide range of diets and other treatment options for obesity. (Exercise, surgery, medications, hypnosis and more.) Includes a blog of recently published weight loss and obesity research.

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