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Silver Winners 2003
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winners January
Uruguay (site closed)
Uruguay (27/01/2003, closed)
This site gives a very in depth view on all you ever want to know about Uruguay.

winners February
Pedal Prayers (link opens in new window)
Pedal Prayers (04/02/2003)
Testimony and on-going bicycle ministerial travels (over 117,000 miles in less than ten years) across and around North America. The site also contains sections on bicycle touring for the novice and the prevention of child sexual exploitation on the internet.

Quotes for the Surfer (site closed)
Quotes for the Surfer (08/02/2003, site closed)
A site that captures the thinking of eastern philosophers through the centuries. It allows the surfer to access the quotes from these leaders topic wise with complete ease of navigation.

Cerulean Vault (site closed)
Cerulean Vault (12/02/2003, closed)
Cerulean vault - Open desires, offers its valuable visitors own written poetry and an educational corner as well with an insight in Pakistan, countries of the World and the development of the internet.

winners March
CJ's Place of Interests (site closed)
CJ's Place of Interests (01/03/2003, closed)
CJ's Place of Interests has a lot of information about astronomy, meteorology, crafts, recipes and community spirit.

Jake Chenier (link opens in new window)
Jake Chenier (23/03/2003)
Jake 'Jacques' Chenier is a World Renown Children's Entertainer, Musician and Song writer. Jake managed superbly to combine his songs and lyrics with a well organized educational value.


Heppo World (link opens in new window)
Heppo World (28/03/2003)
A magical place where all the "Heppo's" (hepatitis C) live... All info on the disease, testimonials, FAQ and more.

winners April
About Korea (link opens in new window)
About Korea (02/04/2003)
This site offers fascinating info on the Republic of South Korea, its traditions, geography, cultural heritage and much more...

Recovery Nukkad (site closed)
Recovery Nukkad (30/04/2003, closed)
A resource for recovering addicts and those looking for information on addiction. A Narcotics Anonymous program based site. We believe that the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel. We aim to prove that recovery from addiction is possible.

winners May
Mariella's Web (site closed)
Mariella's Web (11/05/2003, closed)
This site has all information dog owners and lovers would ever need... from buying a dog, to caring, facial expressions and much more...

winners June
Windows Poetry (site closed)
Windows Poetry (07/06/2003, closed)
Personal poetry site with poems about family, step-family, children and childhood, love and life relationships. An absolute recommendation!

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