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Merit Winners 2003
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winners January
Kickwriting (24/01/2003, site closed)
Kickwriting is a growing collection of independent original writing, photography, painting and music.

winners February
The Diamond Angle Baseball Magazine (06/02/2003)
The Diamond Angle is a small baseball magazine from Hawaii. The online version features hundreds of articles and photos. Also included are interviews, book reviews and a Hall of Fame.

winners July
My Link in Time (21/07/2003, site closed)
Years of research produced over 4400 names in the family tree. Great search tip section and Old family documents, photo's and original poetry and graphics, plus lots more.

winners September
Crooked Smiles (27/09/2003, site closed)
This site originally started as a place to display the wonderful expressive and emotional poems and songs written by Bells Palsy and Facial Palsy victims from all over the world. It has now grown to include much more and is a place for people to go and read and understand how it feels to lose your smile if only for a while and sometimes forever.

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