Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards

Old winners

NOTE: The winners listed below are granted under the old scoring system, and they decided not to be put under the more stricter scoring system currently in use. For this reason they are also not counted in our statistics page.
These winner have the opportunity to apply again with a clean slate (first application).

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Gold Award Winners

- Wheel of Life (10/08/02, closed)
- Angylion (17/08/02,closed)
- Beth alone (07/09/02, closed)
- Remembering Michael (05/11/02, closed)
- Nikola Kitanovic (05/11/02, closed)

Silver Award Winners

- Silver Lining News (03/08/02)
- Cynthia's Escape (05/08/02, closed)
- Mary Ann (10/08/02, closed)
- Glimpses of My soul (13/09/02, closed)

Bronze Award Winners

- Texas Precancel Club (10/08/02)
- Coyote Jo (21/08/02)
- The Beginning (29/08/02, closed)
- Jerry D's Music Site (29/08/02, closed)
- Carlson's Courrier (03/09/02, closed)
- Kathy Gordon Baer (07/09/02, closed)
- Peter Leach (20/09/02, closed)

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