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We are very pleased to have with us Ayman Fadl, Webmaster of Ancient Egypt on a Comparative Methot, that won our Content Site of the Year-award 2012...

Ayman, can you tell me a bit on how the site came into existence?

Ayman:I was watching this documentary on the history channel, and I came across a documentary about Queen cleopatra. Fascinated, I sat down to watch and found myself wondering about history. What is a legend? What is real? Legends have a little bit of truth in them, so I wanted to delve into the world of ancient Egypt where pharos were treated like Gods, and the gap between the rich and the poor was as vast as the pyramids that were later built. It wasn't just about exploring Egypt's history, but it was also about comparing the history of a civilization that has proved to be timless versus other prominent civilizations such as Greece and also in terms of which had a transcendent effect on modern day society.

And fascinating it is indeed! Now how do you decide on what new info to add to the site?

Ayman: Usually I determine the information myself, but sometimes I will sit and listen to people talk and say to myself "yes, that's a good point". A lot of the times the things I come up with arouse from modern day to day discussions or arguments. I'm also open to what other people have to say. I believe it's very important to keep an open mind when it comes to history. One has to be objective not subjective because the only people who really know what happened are the people who lived the event. What we know now is what has been passed onto us through the generations and so some of the information might be biased or obscure. The thing about stories though is that when you have more than one version, there's always an event that remains unchanged, and so the truth is slowly but surely uncovered. I do lots of research and then pin point exactly what I think will help compare and contrast between the civilizations. In addition, if I feel that this information is more of a mainstream idea, I will see whether it is based on truth or fabrications, and if it based on fabrications, I set out on a quest to extract the truth and then I will reveal it. Make no mistake the truth will always come out whether it's now or later.

As it should....Now what is the main objective the site wants to achieve?

Ayman: I've noticed that whenever Egyptians are depicted in movies, we are depicted as ignorant and backward thinkers as opposed to how we actually are. It is important to give thanks to the many people who have helped make this site what it is today. Whenever I recieve any feedback, I carefully take into consideration what is being said and many of the fans of the website point out any weaknesses in an attempt to better the site, and for that I am truly grateful. Without their feedback, the site would not be where it is today, and I would not be achieving my objective without them, so I am truly appreciative of all their help. The purpose of this site is to prove that Egyptian society is unparelled when it comes to certain things. It is a society that continues to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. It is a society that has taught the world so much in the past and will continue to teach the world despite the many obstacles it continues to face on the road to prosperity.

I see...What are the future goals you want to accomplish?

Ayman: I would like to make the site more interactive i.e. people can express their opinions, vote, have active discussions with one another. I want to spread awareness about society.

A worthy objective. Now how important is recognition (like awards) for you?

Ayman: I didn't get into this for awards. The reason I started this site is to get people to know more not because I wanted to win an award. An award is but a meager reward for all the hard work. The only way I would feel that my hard work has paid off is if at the end of the day I made people feel like they know more so their minds develop, and so they become more knowledgeable and more rounded as people.

As is the goal of this award....*smiles* With this I'd like to thank you, Ayman Fadl, for this interview and I wish you and your wonderful site all the best in the future...

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