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Content Site of the Year 2011: Casey's Celtic Charm (opens in new window)Content Site of the Year 2011-award

We are very pleased to have with us Wendy and David Rusell, Webmasters of Casey's Celtic Charm, that won our Content Site of the Year-award 2011...

Wendy and David, can you tell me a bit on how the site came into existence?

Wendy and David Rusell: Our site Casey's Celtic Charm was inspired by our first Wire Fox Terrier Casey. Our web site, which bears his registered name, is focused to be an educational site. This breed has always been a passion to us both. We have always loved this breed, learned something new everyday about this breed and literally lived with this breed in every sense of the word. We have literally extended and share our "lived experience" with our readers. We have received many excellent questions from our visitors which reinforces our need to continually update the site with useful and relevant content for our interested visitors.

With good success too.... Now how do you decide on what new info to add to the site?

Wendy and David: We would definitely agree that our "lived experiences" and our visitors drive our site content. As mentioned previously, we get many excellent questions regarding the Wire Fox Terrier breed. We have extensive experience living with three different "Wires" throughout the last 20 years, which has allowed us the ability to answer their questions with confidence. It gives us so much pleasure to assist in any way possible understanding that a "Wire" puppy will be well cared for by an informed owner.

Indeed you did... Now what is the main objective the site wants to achieve?

Wendy and David: The main objective is education of the breed. We want the public to be aware of what to expect when they take on the responsibility of adding a Wire Fox Terrier into their family. It is our goal that every Wire Fox Terrier finds their "forever home" and their owners are adequately prepared for the responsibility. Topics of prime interest are grooming, health issues, temperament, and training. We try our best to provide this information as best as we can.
Our site also offers an Awards Program. From this prospective, our award program has a specific mission which states: "This awards program is strongly motivated by our desire to highlight the "Best of the Best" websites on the Internet. While there are an infinite number of websites on the Net, there are finite numbers that leave an overwhelming feeling of being awe struck by both the content and the structure of the site. The mission of Casey's Celtic Charm Awards Program is to recognize and bring attention to these exceptional sites, which demonstrate a unique blend of knowledge and technology. We believe that the message of the site is as important as the method and technology by which the message is delivered. Recognizing the diversity of subject matter, we do require that all websites demonstrate family-friendliness to all ages. We are seeking websites that convey content that promotes educational theme or basis, using creativity as the avenue for delivering the message. The structure of the website must have an attractive design that promotes a pleasing stage for your content. The function and navigational elements of the site must be user-friendly to all, ranging from beginner to expert. Through this pursuit and acknowledgment of excellence, we are promoting a more gratifying experience to all who use the World Wide Web."

What are the future goals you want to accomplish?

Wendy and David: We want to continue to meet our prime directive and educational needs of the Wire Fox Terrier breed. We continually research for new information regarding health and health issues, food and treats, grooming techniques, etc. We will also continue to operate our awards program to the outline criteria. We look forward to receiving many outstanding applicants in the future. Above all, we will continue to ensure that our two Wire Fox Terriers Colby & Callie are in good health, are contently happy within a loving family home.

Nicely said *smiles*.... Now how important is recognition (like awards) for you?

Wendy and David: Receiving awards such as yours are extremely important to us for a number of reasons.
Firstly, receiving your award offers validation that what we do now and in the future matters and has relevance to this amazing breed. It offers exposure of the information that we are offering to owners and more importantly prospective owners of Wire Fox Terrier to ensure they are well informed before they welcome a new family member into their lives.
Secondly, it is gives us as owners and webmasters of the site a sense of accomplishment, that we did our job well. We feel immensely proud to be acknowledged for meeting our goals and your criteria! Thank You for the platform and opportunity of assessment, we do appreciate all your efforts.

You are most welcome! With this I'd like to thank you both,Wendy and David Rusell, for this interview and I wish you and your wonderful site all the best in the future...

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