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Content Site of the Year 2010: This Should Help (opens in new window)Content Site of the Year 2010-award

We are very pleased to have with us Sandra Hendricks, Webmaster of This Should Help, that won our Content Site of the Year-award 2010...

Sandra, can you tell me a bit on how the site came into existence?

Sandra Hendricks: Throughout the past seventeen years, I indulged myself into self-help and developed a great desire for helping other people. With a passion for web design and information that I felt was valuable to the average person we decided to move forward. This Should Help began as an idea and blossomed with the help of my family. My youngest daughter, Brandi, helped with the design and offered encouragement. My husband, Mark, helped me develop my ideas. He continues as my sounding board for the Blog, bless his heart. There are no guarantees in life or with any method of self-help hence the name "This Should Help." I long ago discovered that while we are all unique, we suffer from common problems – in many ways we are alike. Regardless of our upbringing or backgrounds, we all live life in a universe that is forever changing. We can change the world in which we live by sharing our lives. This Should Help enables me to share myself with you and the rest of the Universe, and for this, I am grateful.

And so am I *smiles*... How do you decide on what to blog on?

Sandra: This is a difficult question to answer, as I write what I put my mind to at any given time. Often, I read blogs or books and discover the fine lines that many are unwilling to write. There are understated differences in many issues within the self-help industry. I want to provide information that stimulates your thinking. I write what is in my heart and offer ideas and observations that have assisted me the most. Self-help has gotten complex over the past several years, and I like to stay with the basics. My motto is "Is it on your mind, or is your mind on it?" If I can take what is on my mind and put my mind on it, the words just come. My family and friends provide discussions that both inspire me to write and help me gain further insight of our nature.

I see... Now what is the main objective the site wants to achieve, and what are the future goals you want to accomplish?

Sandra: Our main objective is to touch as many lives as we can. Each email or book order we receive helps us to continue with our dedication and hard work. We have an extensive online Library with over 260 self-help books listed. We hope to increase our numbers of free books that we give away next year. Connecting with other people and exchanging ideas and support is most important to us. We want to double our book orders and do a site redesign in 2011 that will enhance the visitor experience.

Worthy goals for sure.... Now how important is recognition (like awards) for you?

Sandra: Being an award evaluator in the nineties, I learned how important award programs like yours are. When we began This Should Help, we had decided that awards were outdated, and we did not have an award page. As the design and content came together, we opted to apply for the top award programs with seasoned evaluators. Knowing what kind of content, design and navigation it takes to win awards, we designed the site. Experience with award programs and evaluating for some of the top awards proved useful! We began applying and winning awards, because of the knowledge we had gained ten years earlier. The feedback that we received from award evaluators helped us improve our site, and reminded us of things we had forgotten, about web design. Each award is of more value to us than I can describe, as I know that they are not given freely! Earning the right to display awards speaks volumes about This Should Help and the people bestowing the award. Thank you so much for honoring our website with this surprise.

You are most welcome! With this I'd like to thank you,Sandra Hendricks, for this interview and I wish you and your wonderful site all the best in the future...

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