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Content Site of the Year 2005: Robin Hood - Bold Outlaw of Barnsdale and Sherwood (opens in new window)Content Site of the Year 2005-award

We are very pleased to have with us Allen W. Wright, Webmaster of Robin Hood - Bold Outlaw of Barnsdale and Sherwood, that won our Content Site of the Year-award 2005...

Allen, How did your interest in Robin Hood started?

Allen W. Wright: As with pretty much every Robin Hood enthusiast I ever spoke to, in childhood - through kids' books, pantomimes, and movies. Something about the character always clicked for me. Back in high school, I decided to write about Robin Hood for an assignment. I figured there might be something worthy of study. Through that assignment, I learned about how legends change over time. All my academic interest in Robin Hood came out of that. Shortly afterwards, I saw a very good TV version of the legend -- Robin of Sherwood. That sustained my interest well into adulthood.

I see...Now finding all the information for it can't be easy. How did you get yours?

Allen: Well, partly through reading and watching for more Robin Hood books, comics, films, and plays than any sane man ever would. Books from scholars like Tom Ohlgren, Stephen Knight, JC Holt, Barrie Dobson and others have been good sources of information. Also, shortly after my site started, I began attending and presenting at academic conferences on the legend.

Quite a lot of work...What is the main objective you're trying to achieve with your website?

Allen: I first started my website because at the time, there were no other websites that covered the Robin Hood legend in depth for a popular audience. It just felt wrong that a legend which has touched so many people through the centuries didn't have a web presence. I felt the need to pass the legend along to other generations.

I want to inform and entertain a wide as audience as possible. To share my love of the story, and to demonstrate how legends change over time.

I couldn't agree with you more. If you look at the site as it is now, do you have some future goals with the site you definitely want to achieve?

Allen: Well, I'd love to be able to serialize an old 1930s Canadian comic strip about Robin Hood on my site. Also, I've spent a long time making notes for detailed articles about Ivanhoe and also the Robin Hood games of the 1500s.

That would indeed be a nice addition... Now how important is recognition (like awards) for you?

Allen: It provides encouragement. Everyone wants to have their efforts appreciated. Thanks for that.

You're most welcome and thank you, Allen W. Wright, for this interview and I wish you and your wonderful site all the best in the future...

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